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Before taking Meredith’s tarot class, I knew nothing about how to read cards. Now I know the major and minor arcana, along with how to interpret them and do my own readings. In fact, that was the first thing we learned in her class! Experiencing a reading first, and then learning the cards after, was a really helpful way to understand how it all ties together. Meredith’s teaching background, knowledge of tarot, and her warm and energetic personality made for a really fun and non-intimidating intro class.
— Natalie Melchiorre | Phoenix, AZ
I didn’t know that I needed Meredith’s reading until I received it. It was comprehensive, to say the least; eye opening, and life-affirming.

I had the unique opportunity to have a reading done with my twin sister and afterwards, came away with a much greater understanding of self, and the person with whom I entered the world.

Meredith is thoughtful in her delivery, and generous with her knowledge & interpretation of the divine. Thank you Soular Systems!
— Mandisa Cassell | Bay Area, CA
Meredith’s readings are truly magic. She goes in depth, answers any questions, and is deeply in tune with the spirit. With each reading I have received, she has illuminates my path, making it easier to navigate. She sees your spirit and light with each reading, utilizing different systems to help you tap into your highest self. Meredith is pouring with empathy, love, and truth. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a reading from Meredith.
— Amity Hanson | Portland, OR
Meredith is incredibly talented and compassionate in her readings. The process is very therapeutic and it provided me with the validation to feel more grounded during a very confusing time. It was amazing how accurate everything was and how it described so many intricacies of my personality that I was aware of but never really thought about. With all of the information from the readings, Meredith did a great job of explaining what everything meant and provided examples to make sure that I understood. I am so grateful Meredith was able to create a healing space for me and I highly recommend her to everyone, especially for individuals who need reassurance of who they are and their purpose in life.
— Anastacia Hadder | Phoenix, AZ
Meredith is a gifted intuitive guide. She has a deep understanding of the visible and invisible systems that shape who we are, and how we can become more in touch with our truest selves. She meets you wherever you are with an open heart and mind, and will joyfully help you with your journey. Being in her presence is truly a healing experience. I always leave feeling understood, inspired, and the most like myself.
— Allison Filice Dempsey | San Francisco, CA
✓ Meredith’s reading was so imperative in my growth both personally and spiritually. She provided stratified, genuine, and incredibly telling and powerful insight into my past, present and future self and it has impacted my decision making and self worth so positively. It’s crazy how often I refer to our session, and how i now remind myself how much love and grace I deserve when making decisions as complex as new job venture to how I love others, and so much more. It was truly the beginning of my spiritual journey, and I have so much gratitude for that. Her ability to communicate this information was catered to me so naturally- she’s so intuitive about people and the way they learn given her previous experience as a school teacher, Myers Briggs expert and her journey with the stars. I have passed on her information to other friends and family with so much praise and pride, because I know she takes peoples light and personal journey with so much intention and seeks to genuinely help others. Thanks for helping me realize I’m such a bright light ✨
— Samantha McLennan | Brooklyn, NY
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