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A reading, by any name, is a remembering. The offerings below are designed to meet different areas of need in your life. Focusing on specific aspects of your life life helps provide deeper understanding and clarity during a session. A lot of information comes through during a reading, so I offer a digital recording of your session upon request.

  • The Works - $222

    This reading has it all! It includes a thorough study of why your Soul reincarnated in this lifetime, a look at your personality, the tools you're using to help yourself evolve, relationships, career & money, and an understanding of what life cycle you're in right now and the resources you can use to navigate that with ease. It will include insights from your Western Astrology birth chart, your Numerology Blueprint, and your Human Design Rave chart.

    Two (2) hour reading via internet or in person.

  • Soul Remembering- $111

The focus of this reading is understanding your Soul Mission. There is much comfort and grace to be felt from three sources providing congruent information about why you're here. With the use of Western Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design, we will uncover why your Soul reincarnated, the ego/personality tools you’re using this time around, and the vehicle to drive in your quest for evolution.

One (1) hour reading via internet or in person.

  • HUH? What’s my Life Right Now? - $111

    Life is full of cycles - micro, macro, long, short. We find that some are easier than others and that some are life-changing. If you’re going through a major life shift or feel stuck in a rut, this is the reading for you. Using Western Astrology and Numerology, I will offer clarity and validation around what planetary transits are happening, what part of your life they're affecting, and how to navigate this with grace. I will also use Human Design to give you practical tools to experiment with that will help you align your energy to be in flow with the Universe.

    A one (1) hour reading via internet or in person.

  • Birthday Reading - $111

    A solar return happens when the Sun returns to the place it was on the day of someone's birth. When this happens, we're able to take a snapshot of the sky. Where the planets are on someone's birthday affect the energy for that person's entire year until their next solar return. Numerology provides the vibration of someone’s personal year, as well as the frequencies of each month. This reading will give insight on how to navigate the different energies present for the year using both Western Astrology and Numerology.

    One (1) hour reading via internet or in person.

  • Tarot/Oracle Reading - $55

Calling on Source through card readings can be a powerful way to validate your path. A combination of Tarot and Oracle card readings provides clarity.

A one (1) hour reading via internet or in person.

  • Understanding your Ego - $66

    Sun, Rising, Moon - three words we hear a lot in astrology culture and common questions on dating apps nowadays. But what do they mean? In this reading, we will discuss what you’re here to embody in this lifetime, the school you’re using to do so, and the tools you came in with to help yourself along. This will be paired with your Numerology Life Path number, Destiny number, as well as your Mind number to get a more nuanced understanding of Personality you chose in this lifetime.

    A 30 (thirty) minute reading via Internet or in person.

  • Navigating Relationships - $88

    Living in a world of duality means we learn so much about ourselves through partnerships. However, each person experiences relationships in different ways, at different times, and for different reasons. If partnerships or friendships have been a source of stress or you simply wish to understand this part of your life deeper, then this reading is for you. It only includes the study of one (1) person’s charts. If you wish for a compatibility reading, see Communal Readings.

    Forty-five (45) minute hour reading via Internet or in person.

  • Career and Money - $88

    We live in a three-dimensional world, most of us in societies that require us to make money. Each person has reincarnated with different lessons - career and money show up for many of us as one. In this reading, we will look at Western Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design to better understand how you’re here to show up in the world, your relationship to money, and tools to navigate these realms with more peace and flow.

    Forty-five (45) minute reading via internet or in person.

  • Communal Readings - $333

    A beautiful thing about this experiment is that we don't live it alone. We exist in partnerships and within communities. How our energies and paths interact with one another is an interesting study. This process facilitates compassionate conversations with one another and cultivates broader perspectives about each other. Recommended for families, friend groups, housemates, co-workers, and/or partners.

    Maximum of three (3) people per reading of two (2) hours via internet or in person.

  • Event Readings - $111 an hour

Want to add more meaning and mysticism to a special event? Provide your guests complimentary oracle readings, mini numerology reading, and brief astrology insights to add more magic and self-knowledge to the experience. This service is great for birthday parties, happy hours, company events, block parties, and more.

Two (2) hour minimum.


Credit card payments must be made at the time of booking via Square. Payments also accepted through Venmo, Paypal, or cash at the time of reading.

Due to the time and energy investment required to give a proper reading, there is a no refund policy.

Note: All reading booked August 2019 through October 2019 will be via Zoom.